Snug Thug (known as the Cold Catcher in PAL regions) is a cyan version of the Scarab Nabber. He has 210 HP and is only available in the Battle Ring.


This Scarab Nabber has red gloves and earmuffs to protect him. He also has a shoe for a head!


Attacks are exactly the same as the Scarab Nabber with the addition of an ice breath that freezes Luigi and Ice Block Cascade which can happen randomly!

Dual Scream DescriptionEdit

Scarab Nabbers are known for their strength, but this one has enough brains to know that when it's cold, you need to wear a shoe as a hat!

Age: Unknown

Heart Quote: My ice breath will freeze that fat plumber forever!

PAL Dual Scream DescriptionEdit

Even tough bugs get chilly every now and then. Trust me, I speak from experience!

Age: 22

Heart Quote: This fat plumber doesn't stand a chance against me!