Scarab Nabber (known as Beetle Whisperer in PAL regions) is a ghost that resembles a beetle. This boss ghost lurks somewhere in Luigi's Mansion with 210 HP.


If Luigi gets close, the Scarab Nabber uses his big horn to take Luigi and throw him outside the mansion. The fight must be restarted if this happens. When vaccuming the Scarab Nabber, he sends out beetles to attack our hero. If Luigi gets hit by the beetles, he takes damage and will then be thrown outside of the mansion. The ghost will also have a Paranormal Shield which must be removed with either water, fire or ice, depending on the icon on the shield. Prancing Ghosts will also aid Scarab Nabber in battle.

Dual Scream DescriptionEdit

Looks can be decieving! After all, a beetle ghost with a huge horn to throw you out the mansion window was really bad on King Boo's part. Better not get hit by this Scarab Nabber's beetles!

Age: Unknown

Heart Quote: My beetles will take out this plumber and I'll throw him out the mansion window!