Prancing Ghost is a green ghost with a Prancing Crown on his head. Prancing Ghosts can be found in groups of 3 and have HP.

Attacks it hasEdit

The Prancing Ghost can spit out fire, ice and water. Water deals 5 damage to Luigi, ice deals 10 damage to Luigi and freezes Luigi and fire deals 20 damage and burns Luigi. When being sucked up, it will try to spit fire, ice or water to stop Luigi from sucking up the ghost. Even though it has  HP, it can be sucked up after it screams 5 times.

Dual Scream InformationEdit

Prancing Ghost is a ghost who liked to dance all day. He never ate or drank at all. Something tells me he must have been starving to death one day...

Age: 59

Heart Quote: If I get sucked in, I'm going to be in BIG trouble!