Melon-choly (known as Spookumber in PAL regions) is a green ghost that inhabit plant nurseries and have 100 HP.

Appearance Edit

The Melon-choly is like a Bomb Brother, except the ghost looks like a melon (in PAL regions, a cucumber).

Attacks Edit

Attacks are identical to a Bomb Brother: throwing bombs. However, the Melon-choly can also throw watermelons and cucumbers at Luigi that restore his health.

Dual Scream Description Edit

NA: Although his body looks like a big ol' melon, the vertical stripes have a slimming effect.

PAL: He may look like one of my favourite vegetables, but this ghost didn't come from a creeping vine. More like a creepy vine, right?

Age: 60

Heart Quote: Perhaps my new fruit and bombs I got from the store can scare Luigi!