Ivian Salmon Is a fisherman on board the SCARY SEAS. He is the 1st Boss Capture on the SCARY SEAS. He is the only remaining Crewmember on the SCARY SEAS. He is found on the WHEEL DECK

Game-Boy Horror/Dual Scream Bio:

"Ivian Salmon was a fisherman wanting some time-off. Instead, he's been working for 20 Straight years. Not including the time after his life."

Heart Quote:

"Ahh, To have all the work done...That would be awesome...Such a catch could never be made in the ocean."


Go to the wheel deck. There will be 4 Bannana Ghosts there. Talk to Salmon to get the scoop: These Ghosts have been ruining his life! Capture the Banna ghosts to reveal... 4 Bomber Ghosts! These ghosts are also making trouble: Suck them up and reveal: 10 Bowling Ball ghosts. Suck them all up to reveal Ivian Salmon's Heart. He has a strong pull, But there's not a lot to go on the boat-house. Capture him to Reveal THE KEY TO THE CAPTAIN'S QUATERS!


-He is one of the four bosses on the SCARY SEAS.

-His name Spells out Ivian Salmon

-He is like Vinect Van Gore as he uses ghosts to attack.